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What size needle is used for SMP?

People sometimes have the impression that Scalp Micropigmentation is the same as a standard tattoo. When it is thought of that way it can be rather intimidating to think these hefty needles will be inserted into the scalp and cause severe pain. SMP is completely different….. This industry offers an incredible range of needle sizes, with different dimensions, widths, textures & diameters, all of which are smaller in size than that of a standard tattoo needle and utilized in an incredibly precise way so that the final look of an SMP procedure is unbelievably realistic and simulates ones’ naturally shaved head.

Ink2scalp professionals and most techs in the industry use single-use “3-point-micro-needles” which are approximately 75% smaller than the smallest tattooing needles available.

Additionally, we are trained to remain mindful at all times of our pressure variances and inject impressions into the dermal layer of the skin, no deeper!

The combination of quality, appropriately sized needle selection, attention to pressure at all times and many other factors, results in impressions which are indistinguishable from natural hair follicles and a look that convinces others it really is “your hair”.


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