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Ink2Scalp Micropigmentation Studio - About Us

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Credentials & Specializations:

- Awarded International Master Artist Designation 2021


- Nominated as one of the International Rising Star Technicians World Wide for 2020

- ADVANCED Training for Scalp Micropigmentation 2018

- CORE Fundamentals for Scalp Micropigmentation 2017

- Needle Theory
- Anatomy & Physiology of the skin for Scalp         Micropigmentation Certification
- Camouflaging hair transplant scars with Scalp Micropigmentation
- Hairline designs and Implementation Certification
- Mastering the Hairline with 5th Ave. PMU Academy
- Julius Cvesar Barbering Essentials
- Bloodborne Pathogens for Body Art & Tattoo artists
- Infection Prevention & Control (IPC) for Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19)

- Pigment Colour Techniques Certification


Yvette Greenall:
Master Artist - Scalp Micropigmentation Practitioner & Co Director


Loves the Art of SMP


Yvette is a sought after SMP technician.  She is multi- certified, internationally and has her Core Fundamentals & Master Certifications from the highest caliber SMP Academy.  This Academy is considered to be the best worldwide, voted best training program in 2018, known for its gold standards in technical and intensive theory training, client care and professional ethics. Coupled with her certifications in the Anatomy & Physiology of the Skin, Blood Borne Pathogens (infection control) and an aesthetic background Yvette brings top quality results to her clients. She is literate in both the theoretical reasons behind hair loss and the practical treatments in solutions.

Yvette has changed countless lives with Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP) all while investing thousands of hours in continued certifications within her trade.  She remains closely networked with industry experts and world renowned SMP professionals all over the Globe, to ensure her results are nothing shy of amazing.

Passionate about the importance of helping people feel like their best selves, paired with her artistic skill of creating an unmatchable natural appearance, Yvette is diligent in her practice. With the goal to enhance a natural hairline or create a new crisp, clean one, the style will always be custom to the desires of the client. Confidence is quite often immediate!  


Additionally, Yvette completes corrective work on those who were unsuccessful by other hair loss methods.

COVID-19-IPC Certificate 1..jpg
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Credentials & Specializations:

- CORE Fundamentals for Scalp Micropigmentation 2018
- Density builds, hairline design and implementation Certification

- Camouflaging hair transplant scars with Scalp Micropigmentation
- Bloodborne Pathogens for Body Art & Tattoo Artists

- Pigment Colour Techniques Certification

- Advanced Diploma in Business Marketing


Trevor Greenall:

Scalp Micropigmentation Practitioner,

Co Director & Marketing Coordinator

Passionate about everything SMP

Trevor has a decade of experience in building businesses along with many management roles that cater well to client services.  He has been a Business and Educational Consultant for a premiere College for over 18 years. Trevor has been our Senior Marketing and Logistics Advisor from day one, designing our customer service model and business brand!

Trevor is responsible for the day to day operations of Ink2scalp, oversees our informative social media platforms and Youtube Channel all while educating our clients and online followers about the benefits and process of SMP.

Trevor used his Core Fundamentals Training and Bloodbourne Pathogens Certification (infection control) to achieve his Junior SMP Technician role with Ink2scalp where he works on more common thinning hairlines and density builds.   Trevor understands the personal issues with hair loss and can therefore handle client inquiries with compassion and empathy. 

Married to Yvette (Co-Director & Senior Practitioner) their personal and professional relationship merges perfectly in understanding the male and female perspectives of hair loss and how it can affect people.

We are privileged to have his business savvy mind along with the addition of his professional SMP skill in order to help our Ink2Scalp clients and family!

Ink2Scalp SMP toronto

We know how much this means to you. We also know you will be delighted with your results. Our reputation leaves our studio when you walk out the door so it means just as much to us! We will be the one's right by your side through your entire SMP journey.  At Ink2scalp continuity is key and our dedication to that and to making sure your results are exactly what you are after, is our main mission.

Ink2scalp was welcomed at the World Scalp Micropigmentation Conference & Awards. We liaised with many artists and technicians from all over the Globe, artists such as Matt Iulo from Scalp Micro USA, Seif Sidky from International Hairlines, Renata Pruszewski from Scalp Amplified, Ryan Kingsbury from RK Scalp, John & Britteni Chandler from Scalp Co., Caitlin James from Scalp Micropigmentation Australia, Fernando Cortes and Omar Hernandez from Hairline Studios and many more! We all learn from each other and have a network of wonderfully skilled artists that collaborate together, support each other and share the successes of all of our work and the remarkable end results, we have all worked so hard to achieve.

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2021 Consumers Choice Award Recipients.

Consumers and Businesses in the Durham Region selected Ink2scalp Studios, by consumers in our city, as being the best in our business category.  Ink2scalp studios is the 2021 Consumer Choice Award recipient in the category of Hair Restoration for business excellence.

Ink2scalp SMP certification

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