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The Cost of SMP vs. Hair Transplant Treatments

Considering a hair transplant treatment? Interested in exploring other hair loss treatment options near you? At Ink2Scalp Studios we specialize in scalp micropigmentation (SMP), a hair replacement treatment that mimics the appearance of hair follicles. Today, we are discussing hair transplant options and the costs associated with them. Have any additional questions? Interested in a Whitby scalp micropigmentation consultation? Contact Ink2Scalp Studios today, we would be happy to help.

The Cost of a Hair Transplant Treatment

When it comes to hair transplants, the cost can be quite variable depending upon a few factors. Hair transplant treatments often ranges from $5,000 to $15,000, most often out of pocket due to the fact that insurance doesn’t typically cover “cosmetic procedures”. The cost of a hair transplant treatment is dependent on various factors, which include:


Where you live can play a big role in the cost of your hair transplant treatment, the number of available surgeons offering hair transplants can often affect the price greatly. Those with a large number of surgeons to choose from may find their treatment costs slightly less than other areas. Some clients decide to travel due to the costs. We highly recommend intense research before making your surgeon selection.


Like most things in life, the better it is, the more it costs. This is true when it comes to hair transplants as well. When a surgeon is considered to be one of the best, what they charge tends to be reflected. This is not to say every expensive surgeon is good at what they do, as mentioned above, do research and look for real reviews about who you select.

Travel Costs

As stated above, many people choose to travel due to costs and surgeon popularity. Flights, car rentals, gas, hotels and other accommodations can add up quickly. If you select a surgeon that you need to travel to, we recommend planning very carefully to ensure you stay within your budget.

Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP) in Ink2Scalp, Whitby, Ontario

Scalp micropigmentation treatment in Whitby is a wonderful alternative to a hair transplant for many patients. SMP is more affordable than transplants, the recovery time is much easier and you get fantastic results.

The industry bases the cost of SMP on the Norwood Scale. This scale determines the space on the scalp requiring SMP and is indicative of the cost. The less hair an individual has increases the time, detail and attention needed. In general the total for all sessions ranges between $1,200 $5,000 (CAD) depending on the amount of hairloss and if there are any hair transplant scars to cover. In comparison to a hair transplant SMP is a fraction of the cost, has no downtime, is non-surgical and has immediate results.

Interested in scheduling your consultation for SMP near you? Reach out to Ink2Scalp Studios today.

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