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How Much Does Scalp Micropigmentation Cost?

A hairline depends on how far back the hair has receded. It's based on the Norwood scale (what professionals use to measure the extent of male pattern baldness, and is considered the accepted standard when describing hair loss in general – American Hair Loss Association). Similarly, a Ludwig scale is a method of classifying female pattern baldness.

Prices begin from $999 and up depending on the individual's hair loss, hair transplant scars, and alopecia.​

Norwood Scale

Luwdig Scale

Many men considering SMP treatment might assume that a full head treatment is not required, however many clients require a full head so that the rebuilding of the balding areas blend well with the rest of the hair, creating a fluid look. Recreating density at the front without addressing the loss in other areas will only draw attention to the areas where hair is receding.

About Ink 2 Scalp Micropigmentation Studios

At Ink 2 Scalp, we specialize in Scalp Micropigmentation, a hair loss treatment option that has quickly started to grow in popularity. SMP is proven to be a helpful and effective technique.

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