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How to get the Best Scalp Micropigmentation Results?

Thinking about how the results of most hair loss treatments can be a scary thing sometimes. Here at Ink2Scalp in Whitby, we thrive on making sure we have the best results for every client. Making sure that you walk away happy and content with the final results of your SMP treatment is our top priority, no matter the reason you come in.

Whether it be for scalp aesthetics, scar concealer, thinning hair treatment, or an alternative to hair transplants, we want to get your SMP treatment right for you, so you can achieve your best results in life, whatever you do.

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What are the "Best Results" for Scalp Micropigmentation?

Scalp Micropigmentation is a wonderful treatment option for areas that look like they are thinner than other areas. During treatment, pointillism is used to create tiny dots, creating the illusion of fuller, thicker hair around thinning areas.

Best results can be defined as what is natural-looking to each client and what their situation demands. Best results in some situations could cover up scar tissue effectively, thicken out or compliment thinning hair, or even a complete SMP treatment; it can take a lot of personal customization for each individual. We adjust our ink tones for every individual, so results can be as unique as you are.

What steps are taken to achieve the best results for our clients?

A few of the steps that we take in the scalp micropigmentation process for the majority of clients to achieve the best results for hair loss are:

  • Matching existing hair tone for thinning hair

  • Matching up SMP measurements for the best fit for the client

  • Getting the right hairline density for each client for the best hair replication

  • Camouflaging any existing scars on the head that the client wants to be covered up. Making sure the SMP hairline is up to standard with the rest of the client's hairline

  • Blending into existing pigmentation for hair follicles and skin tones

  • Letting the SMP results fit in with the client's age and any external lighting environments they encounter worldwide.

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All these steps in the SMP process will ensure that every one of our clients will receive the best results for permanent and realistic results. As scalp micro-pigmentation experts in the Durham Region, we deliver the best results for all hairline scalp pigmentation needs, which puts us a step above the Whitby and the surrounding Durham Region area. We are committed to guiding you along your SMP journey to reach your desired goal.

Finding your individual best results for SMP treatment

What defines "best results" for your SMP needs and treatment might not be what others might have for "best results" in terms of their SMP treatment. Some people would be better with a soft front hairline, while others would prefer a fade on the sides. Density is also important to many of our clients, and some would only prefer a lighter "touch-up."

There are also different blending options depending on what your preference might be and what your individual SMP style is. Your SMP best results should fit you as a person since everyone's journey is unique.

We can also customize and colour-match the ink we use to ensure a precise match for your hair colour. We simply use lighter ink tones to match your existing follicles for those who suffer from hair loss and grey hair.

How can we help you get your best SMP results?

As SMP specialists in Whitby, the GTA and the Durham Region, we offer various consultation and digital SMP mock-up services on our website that you can choose from to find what is best for you.

Over time we can easily adjust the colour of your custom blended ink at our touch-up sessions to continue to match your changing hair colour, so whether you have blonde hair, brown hair, red or black hair or even if you are going grey, we have customizable ink to match your style. We can even update your follicle colouring over time to truly give you your best SMP results, no matter what your individual needs might happen to be.

Ready to achieve the hairline you've been dreaming of? We can discuss options with you and help you truly achieve your best results! Schedule your Appointment with Ink2Scalp today.

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