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Will scalp micropigmentation fade?

Toronto SMP Treatment Patient

It will, but in the most natural, age-appropriate and realistic way. When using SMP exclusive ink, it is actually meant to fade so that the technician can build and layer at each session. The fading allows the artist to adjust the ink dilution at every round, giving the final piece of art consistency, realism and an appearance of true density and texture. Without the ink fading slightly after every session it would give a final result a matt appearance. It would limit the “building” and pressure variation techniques that most SMP artists work at mastering.

Depending on how well a client looks after their treatment and some external factors, touch ups can vary from 2-4 years in duration. In comparison to a hair transplant, scalp micropigmentation is a much more cost efficient, minimally invasive and guaranteed way to get your hairline back!

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