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Why Is Keeping Your Hair Short Ideal When Having SMP?

Do you or a friend suffer from hair loss or pattern baldness? Been considering hair loss treatment in Whitby but aren’t sure which option is best for you? Trying to decide between Rogaine Treatment, Hair Transplants, Scalp Micropigmentation and the many other options available? At Ink 2 Scalp we specialize in Scalp Micropigmentation treatments. Today we’re discussing why it is ideal to keep your hair short following Scalp Micropigmentation treatment.

About Scalp Micropigmentation

Scalp Micropigmentation is a hair loss treatment option which uses tiny microneedles along with specialized ink which is matched to your current hair follicles. Using pointillism, our SMP expert creates tiny dots on the scalp, creating the illusion of additional hair follicles in the areas where the hair is missing. By focusing on areas where hair loss/baldness occurs, we can create the illusion of a fuller head of hair.

Although considered a “permanent” cosmetic procedure, overtime SMP does fade, requiring touch-up appointments over the years. This allows people to alter hairlines and other features of their hair.

Why Short Hair Looks Best

When it comes to aftercare, it is best to keep your hair shaved short for a number of reasons, mostly appearance. When creating the illusion of additional hair follicles, it is a 2-dimensional illusion, while your hair is 3 dimensional. Keeping the hair cut at a shorter length helps with the illusion by making your existing hair a more 2-dimensional appearance as well. This will make it harder for those around you to tell that you have undergone hair loss treatment in Whitby, Ontario.

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