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Why are people choosing SMP?

Change is never easy. For many, it can be difficult to embrace the natural changes in life – hair loss included. Millions of men and women around the world suffer with some form of hair loss including, male pattern baldness, thinning hair or alopecia.

Why Whitby SMP Treatment?

Finding a solution or alternative for your hair loss is a completely personal decision, similar to trying to lose weight or planning cosmetic surgery. It is definitely not for everyone, and many people will never seek treatments or change, and that’s okay. But, for those people who are trying to achieve a different look, it is very personal, emotional and usually there is a reason, but trying to find a solution is okay as well.

So, the big question is...

Why are people choosing scalp micropigmentation to combat their hair loss?

Because it gives immediate, long-lasting results. It is a customizable treatment that does not require surgery, requires little down-time, is permanent, effective and transforms people on the outside and inside – after all no matter how good a person feels on the inside, others cannot see your inside!

Many of our clients have tried other avenues, treatments and products. Whether it was topical cream, medication, hair transplant surgery, wigs, hairpieces or simply just hiding under a hat, nothing was giving them the look they wanted. SMP is allowing thousands of men and women to transform their hair loss experience, and achieve the results they want.

So let me ask you, if you COULD change it would you?


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