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Whitby SMP vs Toppik/Fibers Treatment

Have you noticed that your hair is thinning? Have completely bald spots or areas on your head? Considering a hair loss treatment option in Whitby, Ontario but aren’t sure which option may be best for you and your exact situation? At Ink2Scalp Studios, we are proud to offer scalp micropigmentation near you, today we’re discussing Fibers/Toppik treatment, scalp micropigmentation and which is a better option for you.

About Fibers/Toppik Hair Concealer Treatment

Toppik/Fibers are a popular hair loss/concealment treatment option which uses micro-fibers to give the illusion of thicker/fuller hair. The powder is applied to the hair, causing the product to bind to the hair follicles, making the hair appear thicker. Due to your hair being negatively charged, the positively charged particles bind directly to the hair.

Fibers/Toppik are a very temporary solution, often having to be applied daily as it washes off when you bathe. The product must be used on someone that has some amount of hair on their head, as it binds with hair follicles. Those with large bald spots may not find the product satisfactory.

Why Scalp Micropigmentation Treatment?

While scalp micropigmentation will need touch-ups throughout the years, it is a much more “permanent” solution than Toppik/Fibers. With scalp micropigmentation, no hair is needed. During treatment tiny micro-needles and specialized ink customized to the appearance of your hair follicles are applied in a technique known as “pointillism”, which mimics the appearance of a real hair follicle. Scalp micropigmentation typically takes numerous sessions, where areas are healed in between the sessions.

Ultimately, for those looking for a more permanent hair replacement treatment or those with larger bald spots, Scalp Micropigmentation tends to be a better option that may look more realistic.

Schedule SMP in Whitby Today

Interested in scheduling hair loss treatment in Whitby? Contact Ink2Scalp today, we would be more than happy to get you added to our schedule for a consultation.

Image credit: Photoshop-ed by David Hoffer, Headliner Ink


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