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Hair Transplants (FUE & FUT) vs Scalp Micropigmentation?

Do you or a loved one experience hair loss? Considering hair replacement treatment in Whitby, Ontario but aren’t sure which option is best for you? Interested in hair transplants? Curious about scalp micropigmentation? At Ink2Scalp Studios, we are proud to offer scalp micropigmentation in Whitby. Today, we’re discussing hair transplants, scalp micropigmentation and the differences between the two treatment options. Have additional questions? Reach out to our SMP clinic near you, we would be happy to answer your questions and get a consultation scheduled.

About Follicular Unit Transplantation

During FUT hair transplant treatment, the surgeon will remove a strip of donor skin from the patient, individual follicular units will be extracted from the strip and transferred to areas of concern/hair loss. Due to the removal of a strip of skin, FUT treatment can lead to scarring, typically requiring the patient to have a longer hairstyle.

About Follicular Unit Extraction

During FUE hair transplant treatment, the surgeon excises follicular units directly from the patient’s scalp and are then transferred to areas experiencing hair loss. Due to the fact follicles are removed one by one, scaring is much more limited and less noticeable, allowing patients to wear their hair as short as possible.

About Scalp Micropigmentation

During scalp micropigmentation, tiny micro-needles, specialized ink and a technique known as pointillism are used to mimic the look of individual hair follicles on the scalp. Each deposit is precisely placed to create the appearance of a fuller head of hair. There is no surgery required, requires almost no down time and no scarring will be present.

Whitby Hair Replacement Treatment Recovery

When it comes to recovery from hair transplant treatment in Whitby, patients that undergo FUT tend to have a bit more rough of a time, this is due to the scabs and soreness at the site where the strip is removed. It is recommended to limit physical activity for about a month as well to allow for proper healing. FUE treatment however has a quite simple and easy recovery, many patients report it as painless. Physical activity should be limited after FUE as well for about a week. Those that receive scalp micropigmentation will undergo various sessions, allowing the treatment to heal between sessions, recovery is quite simple and painless.

The Cost of Hair Loss Treatment Near You

When it comes to hair loss treatments, scalp micropigmentation is by far the most affordable. Follicular unit extraction is more affordable than follicular unit extraction due to the difference in the process and results. During FUE, individuals follicular units are harvested, requiring much more precision and time.

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