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What is the process?

Scalp micropigmentation (SMP) is a life-changing procedure that is transforming the lives of men and woman around the world. We know committing to SMP is a big decision and it can seem overwhelming, especially when you don't know what is involved in the process.

Toronto Scalp Micropigmentation Process

I will guide you through this exciting procedure step-by-step so that you feel comfortable with your decision. We will discuss what you are hoping to achieve, what colour tones will work best with your skin tone, hair colour, skin type and ethnicity. We will analyze and discuss what the options are for a hairline and shape design. Additionally, any questions you will have, I will answer. After full approval by you, we will begin the next stage…our first session!

Before each session we will review some paper work, together we will ensure everything is covered and no contraindications are present.

It is important to me that my clients feel completely involved and safe in their choice to have SMP. Before every session I will show you a sterilized needle and then the complete disposal after each procedure. Before and after each treatment all equipment is wiped with quality grade disinfectant.

It is my passion to help those bring back confidence – crazy how a hairline and some subtle density can do so much!

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